БОЕЦ информира „Репортери без граници“ за сигнала срещу Евроком и действията на прокуратурата!

БОЕЦ изпрати официални писма до „Репортери без граници“ и още няколко международни медийни, журналистически и правозащитни организации, с които ги информираме за поредното посегателство срещу независима частна медия в България и използването на прокуратурата, като бухалка срещу неудобните за властта медии, журналисти, активни граждани и общественици. 

Резултат с изображение за евроком

Както вече съобщихме лицето Николай Бареков е внесъл сигнал до ВКП срещу първата българска частна телевизия, който е разпределен от Гешев на Специализираната прокуратура, известна с шпицкомандите си за изпълнение на мокри поръчки срещу нарочените от властта! Самият Бареков призна след това в профила си във Фейсбук, че е автор на сигнала и той е бил внесен още преди два месеца. Възникват няколко важни въпроса, които потвърждават нашето убеждение, че става дума за сценарий и опит за смачкване на медията. Защо и Бареков и прокуратурата мълчат два месеца за този сигнал? Отговора е само един – чакали са точният момент, за да „ударят“, вероятно в разгара на някой предстоящ скандал, така че да мине незабелязано. Надяваме се чрез разобличаването на тези действия да осуетим по нататъшни репресии срещу Евроком и която и да е свободна медия. БОЕЦ сме внасяли десетки сигнали, след наш сигнал Цетанов бе принуден да напусне политиката, но ВИНАГИ сме обявявали и отразявали дори предварително. както внасянето на сигналите, така и тяхното съдържание и мотиви ни! Публичността и прозрачността е единствената гаранция, че действията ти са чисти. Мафията обаче обича задкулисито, тайните и показните акции с качулки за назидание.

Резултат с изображение за свобода на словото

В понеделник БОЕЦ ще внесем сигнал до ВКП, ВСС и ИВСС срещу Иван Гешев за разкритията ни, че е бил избран за главен прокурор след брутално  фалшифициране и манипулиране на данните за неговата дейност! А веднага след това, в следващите дни ще сезираме и ЕК и европейският главен прокурор Лаура Кьовеши! 

Прилагаме текста на писмото до „Репортери без граници“, изготвено от Николай Филипов и останалите колеги от Старозагорският комитет на БОЕЦ:

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office is preparing the assassination of the last critical TV channel.

Dear Reporters Without Borders,

We are writing to you in relation to yet another attempt by the corrupt Bulgarian political establishment to silence the critical voices in Bulgaria! We need your support to protect press freedom in our country!

Yesterday (15.01.2020), a warning signal was officially submitted to the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office against Eurocom TV (Евроком in Bulgarian), which is currently the most critical television channel daring to openly showcase the corrupt powers ruling Bulgaria and their actions ruining every piece of democratic order at the moment. Our civic organisation – BOEC (БОЕЦin Bulgarian) has checked if this information was correct and we received a confirmation by the Prosecutor’s Office. The signal refers to ‘illegal funding’ submitted by the notorious journalist turned businessman, and former MEPNikolayBarekov, who brought his infamous ‘reputation’ to Brussels as well (1). The Prosecutor’s Office has reacted immediately and the signal has been forwarded to the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office department, which was until recently led by the current Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria – Ivan Geshev. This department is supposed to deal with investigations against ministers, MPs and magistrates.

Such official warning signals are never submitted as a result of somebody’s self-initiative. There is always a prepared strategy and a specific goal. In this case, the goal is Eurocom TV to be eliminated and the journalists working there to be taken down from the screen. The programs hosted by LubaKulezich, Vladimir Bereanu, SashoDikov, and NikolayKolev give a free platform in the Bulgarian television landscape. These people, along with only one other journalist –VesselinDremdjiev, invite guests and raise issues that can be heard nowhere else. The topics discussed and the guests invited are among the inconvenient ones for the ruling authorities. It’s interesting to note that the very author of the submitted ‘illegal funding’ signal – the aforementioned NikolayBarekov had (until  December2019) his own program on Eurocom TV for which he was buying television time from Eurocom TV. This television channel was the only one that objectively reported on all the civic protests against the appointment of the current Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria – Ivan Geshev (2). We know that Freedom of Speech is not a priority the Mafia’s own state that Bulgaria is currently turned in to. Everyone who is brave enough to tell and defend The Truth automatically becomes a target for oppression by the mafia controlled authorities – Prosecutor’s Office, The Revenues Office, State Security Service and so on….

Our civic organization BOEC has been through the same treatment – a delation to the Prosecutor’s Office under the ‘illegal funding’ banner followed by revision checks, warning letters, court cases, interrogations….everything you can imagine from the militia-style attributes.A couple of years ago, the other television called BiT that was critical of the government was eliminated by having been sold and literally the day after the critical programs were taken down. LubaKulezich and SashoDikov (now Eurocom TV employees) were among the first to be fired. Individual journalists who do not conform to the media oppression in the other mass television channels are being fired as well. In addition, there is huge amount of propaganda by these mass media outlets, largely controlled by media mogul DelyanPeevski, constantly attacking every critical voice in the online media field, as well. Bivol.bg and Frognews.bg are regularly condemned by manipulative and most often fabricated publications.

In brief, the attack on Eurocom TV is not just a one-off event – it’s an attack to ultimately suppress every opportunity for Freed of Speech to exist in Bulgaria!

On the 23rd January 2020 our civic organization BOEC is organizing a protest against the mafia rule in Bulgaria demanding the resignation of the corrupt Borissov government, the resignation of the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, and expressing our full support for Eurocom TV and every brave journalist in Bulgaria!

We will be immensely grateful if you can support us in our fight against the oppression of freedom of speech by publishing a news article on the Reporters Without Borders webpage so that the international journalist community is aware of the most recent events in Bulgaria. This will help us raise the problem internationally as well as publicize it intensively in Bulgaria, and ultimately, create effective protection for our brave journalists. The corrupt authorities are powerful but they are also very fearful and we know that together we can spoil their plan to strangle the voices of freedom.

You know how badly press freedom has deteriorated in Bulgaria in the last 10 years. Your support is vital to successfully combating this mafia-controlled authoritarian government.

Yours Sincerely,

Georgi Georgiev – BOEC – Bulgaria United with One Goal

P.S. Here is a link to the publication in Bulgarian from our own webpage.

На 23.01. БОЕЦ и непримиримите граждани излизаме в 10.00ч. пред ВСС с искане за Оставките на Гешев и правителството на Борисов и мафията. Ще добавим и още една цел –  ЗАЩИТА СВОБОДАТА НА СЛОВОТО И ДОЛУ РЪЦЕТЕ НА МАФИЯТА ОТ ЕВРОКОМ И СВОБОДНИТЕ ЖУРНАЛИСТИ! 


Снимка на БОЕЦ - България Обединена с Една Цел.

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